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Rose earrings

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Rose earrings in gold and silver

Rose earrings are an old classic. Peoples fascination with roses goes way back. These simple classical rose earrings are cast in precious metals and finished by hand. There are several sizes of earrings with the rose theme - send us mail and we'll give you details.

Having sold many pair of these rose earrings I have noticed that men do not buy roses for their partners. It is generally woman buying silver rose earrings for themselves. We don't sell many earrings in gold - silver is by far the popular choice. We sell a fair amount of the small 9ct gold ear studs.

I think woman appreciate flowers more than men. They see the beauty, where as most men are looking at the spade, and seeing functionality - different brains I suppose.

Rose earring are a great gift men! But the best gift is to yourself Ladies.


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