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Palladium Wedding and Engagement Rings

What a great metal palladium is. Hard, white and inexpensive. The beauty of palladium is in it's colour. A true white metal like platinum - in fact it is part of the platinum group metals.



Unlike white gold which is soft - and grey in colour, palladium wedding rings do not need to be rhodium plated to get the beauty of ice white metal. The hardness makes it ideal for fine goldsmithing work. Prongs, claws and clusters are easily strong enough for palladium engagement rings. First worked by the South American Indians over a 1000 years ago, it is now a popular choice amongst discerning jewellery buyers.


Platinum and Palladium Mix

Our palladium has 5% platinum included in the mix (alloy). This makes it even harder, whiter and more durable. It does increase the price a littile, but this is worth it in terms of benefits. It's final look is the same as platinum - all for a price that most can afford!

Price of Palladium

The price is good - better than platinum and on a par with gold. It's price is low now but I expect it to rise as people buy more and more engagement rings made of palladium. The other driver of price is the catalytic converter market - it is a real bonus for the planet as palladium is used in exhaust pipe cleaners in very small quantities.




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I say to you retail jewellers who want to push only gold and platinum wedding rings - You are either misinformed, lying or conning your customers

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