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Jewelry Gifts and collectibles made in South Africa

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tiarra in silver african symbols ring

We make all sorts of gifts (men's gifts and chicldrens gifts) and sculptures. Although many of our pieces are not strictly jewellery, there are many jewelry items - many handmade or handcrafted. A lot of our pieces are hndmade and then we make a mold - we then use the lost wax casting proccess to reproduce the items. As much as people don't like mass produced items - these can hardly be called that. Each item will be hand finished and polished. This process keeps the costs down for the client. Our alternative jewelry and esoteric ranges. including African symbols incorporated into African engagement rings and men's gifts are some of our most original works. Let us know if you want someting totally different - we are happy to play and work in all the precious metals and with most gemstones.

We sometimes have a large and small version. If you like jewellery with meaning, check out our stories page for jewellery with meaning. I don't have prices up - mainly because of currency and metal price fluctuations. If you are ordering for your shop give me a call and I will advise you on our better selling ranges - check our displays and packaging pages for more info. We also make free masons jewellery and diamond engagement rings. Don't forget we are happy to remodel your old gold. Our manufacturing jewellers love creating new designs. Our African symbols range incorporates may symbolic and tribal designs. We use these in African wedding band styles and african engagement rings. We are the manufacturers of all the jewelry you see on the site - we love making new stuff - but this is a blessing as well as a curse. The result is a lot of very nice ideas and pieces that hardly ever sell - but that's what we do - make what we like. Not a great business model I agree, but a great lifestyle. Often it is the clients who give us the best ideas - they ask for something exotic and we jump right in because we like to make different types of jewellery. From that idea we get a 100 more, and sometimes have to hold ourselves back from just having too much fun, and spending to much time and money on new ideas that nobody will ever see. Ah, the ups and downs of being a manufacturing jeweller - make money by making what other people like or have fun making challenging exotic pieces of jewellery that will never be seen in a shop and will never be tracked down in the huge vacuum of cyberspace!

Many of our pieces fall under the category of gifts. Some are sculptures but most is jewelry - handmade and handcrafted. We love alternative jewelry and especially working with African symbols - incorporating them in African engagement rings and men's gifts. Should you want a set of African wedding rings - give us a call - if you have a special design in mind we can take a look and see if it is possible - everything will be considered.



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